Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Social outings

I know... I am a little late on my posts...

Its just that I've been very busy with work, second week in and I already feel like I am behind – that I should be producing more.

Anyways, the recent social outings have been quite fun:

On Thursday night all of us Nooglers went out, led by the only Swiss that started with us, and walked around downtown Zurich. Most of the places I had already seen, but it was nice to get the local commentary. He pointed out what the buildings were, and tidbits and curiosities about Zurich (like the hotel were Hitler stayed, the best place for desserts, authentic Swiss restaurants, etc.) We finished the night by the river having a beer.

On Friday we went to an Italian restaurant – supposedly the best pizza place in Zurich. My cheese-less pizza was OK – but nothing impressive.

On Saturday the people from my dorm invited me to a BBQ. It was really nice of them. We went to a public park and grilled outdoors. This was my first time will all Swiss people (two from Basel and two from Bern), and I learned quite a bit about Zurich/Switzerland (see next post).

On Monday night and Tuesday night we watched a couple of the world cup games. Monday we saw it here at Google, and Tuesday at a bar. There is an area of town where all the old stables have been converted to pubs and theaters, quite fun.

Today we just saw the Swiss vs Spain game (1-0) here at the office. Needless to say, the Swiss people are SUPER pumped about their team!

Will post some pictures soon, it is just that my internet connection here at the dorm is very slow...

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