Sunday, June 6, 2010


I took a train from Robert and Mafe's house this morning to the airport, ending the first leg of my trip. Thanks guys for being such great hosts and friends!

The flight to Zurich was pretty easy – just a little over an hour. You could tell that it was Swiss airlines because they served cheese and chocolate as snacks. Immigration was a breeze, the guy barely even looked at my passport.

I arrived pretty tired, and it took me a bit to figure out the public transportation. I had to go and ask for help because the instructions that I had printed took me via a train that was not part of the same system. After a 40 minute tram ride I finally got to the place I'm staying.
This place is a basically a dorm, meant for visiting students, academics, interns and the like. It is not fancy AT ALL, but at least it looks clean. The management had left me my keys in a security box, because their office is closed on the weekends. Unfortunately the forgot to leave me the Internet access code, so I will be without Internet until Monday. Luckily (and also kind of sad) Starbucks has taken over the world and I can use their WiFi for free.

I was feeling a bit exhausted today, and a little overwhelmed. I once again find myself in an new city, not knowing anyone, and with limited communication (no cell phone and temporarily no Internet). The day had a striking resemblance to the first Fulbright day, except that now I don't speak the language and can't read any of the signs. It is a little tough, but just like before, I know I'll manage.

PS/ I missed you a lot today...

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  1. I missed you too sweetie...but I'm so excited to hear about your first day at Google!